"The CIS Team not only helped us revamp the analytics platform, but ensured the transfer of knowledge that empowers users to be self-sufficient in the long run"

Pedro Puerta
Data Analytics Manager

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Be a Bear

"We wanted to build our BABI data stack with best practice from the start. CIS came in with a lot of experience and could see the value in what we were building from day one, making everything much more effective and enjoyable. It felt less like working with a consultancy and more like a partnership."

Dan Cooke

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Vima foods

"I use OneStream daily, to track forecast accuracy, monitor budget, and make the most efficient business decisions possible. OneStream confers on us a long-term strategic advantage over competitors"

Edelmiro Iglesias

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"Unlike more traditional consulting partners, CIS showed a dynamic approach, adapting to our goals, schedules, and general inexperience. By the end of the PoC, we felt confident using Looker because we have learned so much along the way"

Juan José Guasp
BI Lead

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"Our confidence in financial reporting has grown dramatically; we have gained complete transparency of data, metadata, and process changes with audit trails and drill-back capabilities that ensure accuracy and efficiency"

Nicolás Salvador

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Small World

“We wanted to have a single platform that would meet all our business requirements, integrate seamlessly with back-office systems, and reduce maintenance costs. CIS Consulting made our vision come true”

Antonio Iñesta
EMEA Chief Financial Officer

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Alea Play

“The CIS Team helped us to build a powerful and automated BI, ready to carry out our day-to-day analytics activities with a professional and transparent service”

Eduard Fumàs

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“I feel empowered by being able to get all my questions answered by myself”

Sergi Molins
Chief of Staff

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The Equal Group

“...And with CIS taking care of my data needs, I get to dedicate more time to critical business activities”

Mac Alonge

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“The CIS Data Team took our PoC to the next level and delivered far better results than we'd hoped for in an extremely short period of time”

Alessandro Pregnolato
Head of Data

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“OneStream proved to be a highly configurable solution for all of our financial planning needs. The processes are now streamlined, data is clean, orderly and, more importantly, reliable. We are now able to make decisions based on accurate and timely information”

Miguel Ángel González

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Football Club

“CIS ensured knowledge transfer so that the client could become self-sufficient and take advantage of the planning tool as soon as possible”

Marta Navarro
CPM Sr Consultant

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“The integration of the finance team in the development and implementation has been key to the success of the project as well as to achieve total independence in the evolution and maintenance of the life of the solution”

Santiago Ruiz
CPM Sr Consultant

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